Luxury Walling Solutions

When you only want the best

Luxury Walling Solutions

Luxury Walling Solutions

Single and 2 storey construciton

Single and 2 storey construction

When bricks and mortar is simply too…passé.

LuxeWall® has been the hidden secret of high end architectural companies for years. Used as centre piece walling for signature designer buildings, LuxeWall® was simply out of reach for the residential market. That’s now changed forever. For home owners who prefer a premium look and performance, only LuxeWall® will suffice. Stand out from the crowd and make a statement, with LuxeWall®.

Brilliant colours, including metallics

You don’t follow fashion trends, you set them, and you know the classics never date. You need colours that reflect the modern contemporary look, yet allow your personal touches to shine through. LuxeWall® colours have been carefully designed and manufactured to ensure it matches the quality of your entire home. With LuxeWall®, your home will be the jewel in the street.

Superior comfort

At it’s heart, is power. The power to keep you cool, or warm, while minimising heating and cooling costs. The future is here with insulated panel walling, something Europe has known and used for many years. At it’s core is a highly developed and refined formula developed specifically for the Australian climate. LuxeWall® leaves brick and weatherboard in it’s wake.

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